RoundCube Unity WebApp Plugin

A few weeks ago, Mark Shuttleworth announced the Unity WebApps concept. Personally, I love the concept; however, I noticed that there was support for gmail, but I couldn’t find support for the RoundCube webmail client I use on my own servers. To remedy this, I decided to write a plugin for roundcube that adds Unity WebApp support to your self-hosted RoundCube instance.


  • Allows you to go straight to composing a new message or viewing your address book through the launcher or the HUD.
  • Adds HUD Entries for each one of your mailbox folders.
  • Adds MessagingEntries for every folder with unread messages.
  • Shows a Unity notification when you recieve a new message.
  • Shows the number of total unread messages, across all folders, on the Unity Launcher icon.

You can find the latest version on the Launchpad project:

Note: Currently the plugin is only tested with RoundCube 0.7.2, so it may or may not work for other versions.

Known Issues:

I have also noticed that occasionally, Firefox 14.0.1 (only seen on the latest version) will just crash the first time accessing the page; restarting Firefox seems to resolve the issue. I haven't discovered what is causing this and it doesn't appear to extend to Chromium.