Cuckoo 1.0.8 Release

Thanks to everyone who has been using Cuckoo over the past few months! I haven’t had much time to implement some of the features that y’all have requested, but I will try to look into them as soon as I have some spare time. In the meantime, I have covered few couple of major requests.


  • Added support for Quantal (Ubuntu 12.10).
  • Added basic internationalization support.
    • While there are still some issues that need to be resolved, the project now allows for community translations to be submitted through Launchpad. If you would like Cuckoo in your native language, you should be able to contribute on the Launchpad translation page. The daily PPA should automatically build your changes within about 24hours.
  • Added minimize on start feature.
    • A number of people have requested this feature for a better user experience.

Other news:

Somebody awhile back was asking if it would be possible to start up a daily PPA available for people who would like to take advantage of the latest new features or translation information that the community creates. As a result, I have turned on a daily PPA build. I will try to keep it as stable as possible, but do be mindful of the unstable nature of daily builds. Thanks!

Once again, if you have features or bugs you would like addressed, please submit them through either Launchpad or contact me directly. Thanks again for your support and encouragement! Enjoy!

Get Cuckoo:

  • Stable PPA: ppa:john.vrbanac/cuckoo
  • Daily PPA: ppa:john.vrbanac/cuckoo-daily
  • Software Center