Aumbry - Quick Configuration for Python Apps

One of the things that I've ran into a lot lately is having to write hookups to fetch and deserialize configuration from multiple sources. Lately, a lot of that is loading data from a file for local development and then loading from Consul when the app is deployed.

There are a bunch of config libraries out there, so I was a bit hesitant to write yet another config library. However, I really didn't find an existing library that did what I need. What I needed was a library that could load my configuration from either the disk or from some remote source such as Consul. When it did load the config, I needed it to be in easy to access and test Python object structures; not a bunch of dictionaries like most do. I also needed it to be able to configure the loading via environmental variables (specifically for Docker containers). So it seemed appropriate to toss together a library to handle my needs.

Aumbry may be one of those niche use-cases for me, but perhaps others might find it useful. Check it out, take a peak at the docs, and see if it might help you out on your projects as well!


# Install base package
pip install aumbry

# Install consul support
pip install aumbry['consul']

# Install yaml support
pip install aumbry['yaml']

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